A time picker for Material-UI.
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This project provides a time picker for Material-UI.



npm i --save material-ui-time-picker


There are multiple ways to use this component to allow greater flexibility. This is the most basic usage that behaves similar to the Material-UI 0.x time picker:

import TimeInput from 'material-ui-time-picker'

// uncontrolled input
  onChange={(time) => this.handleChange(time)}

// controlled input
  onChange={(time) => this.handleChange(time)}

For detailed documentation, take a look into the styleguide. The source code, especially the tests, might also be helpful.

TimeInput Properties

Name Type Default Description
autoOk bool false If true, automatically accept and close the picker on set minutes.
cancelLabel string 'Cancel' Override the label of the cancel button.
defaultValue Date The default value of the input and picker.
initialTime Date The initial value of the time picker.
placeholder string The initial value of the actual input before a value is selected.
mode enum: '12h' '24h' '12h' Sets the clock mode, 12-hour or 24-hour clocks are supported.
okLabel string 'Ok' Override the label of the ok button.
onChange func Callback that is called with the new date (as Date instance) when the value is changed.
value Date The value of the time picker, for use in controlled mode.

Note: TimeInput behaves like Material-UI's Input component and can be used inside FormControls.


The files included in this repository are licensed under the MIT license.