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TWRP device tree for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Snapdragon)

trltexx, trltedt, trltetmo, trltecan, trltespr, trlteusc, trltevzw

Add to .repo/local_manifests/trlte.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project name="TeamWin/android_device_qcom_common" path="device/qcom/common" remote="github" revision="android-7.1" />
  <project name="TeamWin/android_device_samsung_trlte" path="device/samsung/trlte" remote="github" revision="android-7.1" />
  <project name="TeamWin/android_kernel_samsung_apq8084" path="kernel/samsung/apq8084" remote="github" revision="cm-14.1" />

Then run repo sync to check it out.

To build:

. build/
lunch omni_trlte-eng
mka recoveryimage