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A library for the TeamWizardry mods
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Documentation WIP

LibrarianLib is the library mod to end all library mods. It doesn't attempt to do much else than take the pain out of modding. It can handle a great deal of boilerplate code that you really shouldn't have to touch. Its largest components are an automatic serialization system, automatic model creation and registration, a powerful GUI library that takes out the magic numbers and complex control stuctures by making everything modular, and a powerful and flexable particle system.

LibrarianLib depends on Shadowfacts' Forgelin. Make sure you have it if you want to use it.

Using LibrarianLib as a dev

Adding LibrarianLib to your dev workspace is easy when using gradle (or maven, or any other similar system relying on maven).

All you need to do is to add as remote maven repository. For example, in gradle, you can add this :

repositories {
  maven {
    url = ""
  // Any other repo you may need

Then use the following artifact reference in your dependencies :

  • group-id: com.teamwizardry.librarianlib
  • artifact-id: librarianlib-$mcversion
  • version: $liblibversion-SNAPSHOT
  • classifier: deobf (this will ensure the sources link properly)

For example, this is what a gradle dependency on liblib 4.0 on minecraft 1.12 would look like :

dependencies {
  compile "com.teamwizardry.librarianlib:librarianlib-1.12:4.0-SNAPSHOT:deobf"
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