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Given the last Machine Learning project was so fun to make, we wanted to make another one! We wanted to try and make a program with the "Neuroevolution" learning method, and we didn't want it to be too complicated, after trying to come up with an idea for a learning subject we were a little bit stuck so we searched ideas on google and we stumbled upon a youtube channel in the name of "Code Bullet" that has made a program that learns to play the google dino run game, so we decided to try and make a replica of this program in Python, our result was not too far from the original program and it was really fun to make! Seeing the program evolve and learn was a really neat experience for us because we are so used to static rules that must happen, this time the program decides what to do, not us. If you want to check this project out, Github link is down below. Have fun!


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