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SensorSleeve Code.ino

additional information, wiring, pictures, code schematic explanation and more at this Thingyverse Link -

We both study physics in a science institute called "Hemda" and in that institute there is a Makers lab you can go to learn robotics and 3D modeling in, we immediately hopped on the opportunity and started learning. After doing some projects to learn the fundamentals of being a Maker, the teacher gave us an opportunity to create whatever we wanted, but there was a catch, it had to be wearable. Elamar already had an idea a few months before that to build a mobile laboratory, so we sat down and started thinking with our two other group members(Zohar Kalush and Eran Kirsh) how we shall go about doing such thing. And this is what we came up with, a sleeve that will have a bread board attached to it, you will be able to put sensors on it and the data that will be recieved will be visualized on a Nokia LCD in the form of a graph. after taking measurements you'll be able to upload the results to your computer via WiFi. We are very happy with the final result and we would like to thank "Hemda" for letting us make this project their Makers department. Thingyverse and Github links are down below. Enjoy. The code is a .INO code and can only be compiled with the arduino environment.

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