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Branch: ics
Commits on Feb 13, 2012
  1. @burnsra

    Remove random offset message during installation

    burnsra authored
    Change-Id: I2281a571e37ba9fac2b99806ce9c63e591b4d39f
Commits on Feb 1, 2012
  1. @koush

    Fix ui menu bug for long menus.

    koush authored
    Change-Id: If009dee6b7597daeec62dd65baa7ad35e1adec5d
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
  1. @koush

    use source built e2fsprogs! thanks cvpcs!

    koush authored
    Change-Id: Id3067d4da53643ae1af0b9f15445262afda7b197
Commits on Jan 29, 2012
  1. @koush

    fix up key value parsing

    koush authored
    Change-Id: I05e821cd1215c44be780694644e568676fd67565
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
  1. @koush

    Merge "Always run adbd as root in recovery." into ics

    koush authored Gerrit Code Review committed
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. @koush

    more derpage

    koush authored
    Change-Id: I878386195a408d2a98137816515f5eaaa52ccf79
  2. @koush

    fix build

    koush authored
    Change-Id: Iac099f5a275b9633ed30d9e4a84acb99a57c4434
  3. @koush

    Various fixes to fix rendering of text. There will always be 3 lines …

    koush authored
    …of log shown. The menu can have long items in it now, rather than being truncated. The log text will be bottom aligned.
    Change-Id: I09289e053c8ab673814318da55302efaab0404de
    Change-Id: I3fc31f5ea311c73c0ec999aa77d3fa0d01238001
  4. @koush


    koush authored
    Change-Id: I5ffece3af80c0c328c61975d46f4de4cb22f2282
  5. @koush

    Fix up the mess around fonts and defines.

    koush authored
    Change-Id: I3df3dae482ac6f8e9ddcbe2946dba43428bf46b1
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
  1. @koush

    reversed the logic

    koush authored
    Change-Id: I62c104ee0c9218f929c10eda31f4bf5828b0de22
  2. @Danesh @koush

    Recovery : Show menu if in non user initiated mode and error occurred

    Danesh authored koush committed
    When using rom manager and applying a zip, if one encounters an error in recovery,
    they're left on a screen with no visible controls (Forcing to hard reset phone).
    Change-Id: Ia9b2f396fc95c7972a5a5580e1a50adf4af26060
  3. @pawitp @koush

    Respect volume length when formatting ext4 when restoring

    pawitp authored koush committed
    This is needed for device encryption to work properly (there must
    be space for a 16 KB footer at the end of the partition, which is
    usually specified by the length option).
    And yes, the old signature of make_ext4fs was wrong, but worked
    anyway because the related header was not included and the compiler
    let it pass an as implicit delcaration.
    Change-Id: Ied7ec70bebc120cc2917771f59eeaeb7ea76bf8d
  4. @koush

    remove power off. not useful in the main menu.

    koush authored
    Change-Id: I8923d1e878994c3516798118961b4cdaa82ddc88
  5. @CEnnis91 @koush

    Misc tweaks / bug fixes

    CEnnis91 authored koush committed
    - readd "power off" to the main menu
    - fix bug where stdout overflows into menu text
    - remove +++++Go Back+++++ from main menu as there is nothing to go back to (detects menu depth)
    Change-Id: Icb84ac86e55712412d07add0ab76955d7902f07c
  6. @CEnnis91 @koush

    Big Font Mod and Roboto Fonts (XHDPI, HDPI, and MDPI)

    CEnnis91 authored koush committed
    - lets xhdpi devices (Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, etc) have a bigger font size (15x24)
    - port Google's Roboto font into recovery for both XHDPI, HDPI, and MDPI font size, make them optional (LDPI is too small!)
    (credits to gweedo767 for big font)
    Change-Id: I621dbc7c8ac30a8f16039ce64720512e3e63881a
  7. @koush

    remove hacky board define around usb storage mounting on /data/media …

    koush authored
    Change-Id: I2d382762271a2cfc6d83454160ed127b7457c88c
  8. @koush

    Who approves this stuff... use get_volume_for_path('/sdcard') and che…

    koush authored
    …ck for null...
    Revert "Hide "mount USB storage" option from mount menu when the board has a virtual sdcard"
    This reverts commit e510810.
  9. @mkasick

    Always run adbd as root in recovery.

    mkasick authored
    At present, invoking "adb shell" while in recovery results in:
    - exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory (2) -
    "adb shell" should invoke /sbin/sh, but cannot as /sbin and /sbin/recovery
    lack other-user execute permission.  Invoking "adb root" to restart adbd as
    root _does_ work, however this behavior may not be intuitive to users who
    encounter the above error.
    The solution implemented here is to always run adbd as root in recovery, so
    it has permission to run /sbin/sh.  Furthemore, user shells in recovery are
    not particularly useful and "su" doesn't exist, thus "adb root" is likely
    to be invoked anyways.
    Change-Id: Iaaa25090e85d970e9a076fef068f5fae8202ab0b
Commits on Jan 15, 2012
  1. @CEnnis91

    Hide "mount USB storage" option from mount menu when the board has a …

    CEnnis91 authored
    …virtual sdcard
    Change-Id: I4e59768e9f34f0fb33d88ad382feaa2515d70bc4
Commits on Dec 18, 2011
  1. @koush

    add comments around /data/media

    koush authored
    Change-Id: I35ad822ed602e2b1018f1e1a0d67499867b60a40
  2. @koush
  3. @koush


    koush authored
    Change-Id: Idb2f70a8a02d2f9418356f011c9392f8d9b1d1d2
  4. @pershoot

    nandroid/root/extendedcommands: attenuate for /data not being auto in…

    pershoot authored
    … fstab
    Change-Id: I0e7bec03bb29f1ae72f23321f89cf704e54ff4d9
  5. @pershoot

    extendedcommands/nandroid: remove internal options if no sdcard and i…

    pershoot authored
    -force /data as backup_path if volume for /sdcard is null and the same is true
    Change-Id: I927b723cde5b519d81402c6d841f2424627253e8
Commits on Nov 30, 2011
  1. @cyanogen

    Merge "Fix wipe from android settings for devices with /datadata" int…

    cyanogen authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    …o ics
Commits on Nov 27, 2011
  1. @koush
Commits on Nov 26, 2011
  1. @pawitp

    Fix wipe from android settings for devices with /datadata

    pawitp authored
    Change-Id: I2d80d580bc2ccdc756f411dbe514270d5c245816
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
  1. @koush

    remove redundant fix

    koush authored
  2. @koush

    fix missing prebuilts in recovery. mmc bootloader message support. fi…

    koush authored
    …x segfault happening due to C structs not being zeroed out.
Commits on Nov 22, 2011
  1. @rmcc

    Merge "recovery: fix non-MTD mounting (uninitialized variables)" into…

    rmcc authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    … ics
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
  1. @chris41g @koush

    Update extendedcommands.c one "No".

    chris41g authored koush committed
  2. @koush
Commits on Nov 19, 2011
  1. @pawitp

    recovery: fix non-MTD mounting (uninitialized variables)

    pawitp authored
    Mounting failed due to invalid (garbage) fs_options
Commits on Nov 17, 2011
  1. @koush

    remove dedupe

    koush authored
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