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R0ot, always start from zeR0

Once you are in the team, be sure read this agreement carefully and decide to go forward or not. Each of us are at same level node on P2P network, so self-respect then respect others is required.


  • Customer first. Do what make customers love us
  • Spend more time with family
  • Stay healthy. Exercise. Eat better. Sleep more
  • Never stop learning and growing
  • Work with a mission, not only for money
  • Work on hard problems, do not pick up the easy ones only
  • Be nice to teammates
  • Follow agreement respectfully

Team discipline

  • Honest
  • Respectful, no one better than other.
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Proactive in working and self-development
  • Open-minded, sharing culture
  • Automation in heart
  • Agreement follower
  • Never time restriction but self-discipline is must
  • Get thing done

Team quality

Everyone has ambitious to strengthen themselves day by day, 20% of time should be used for acquiring new skills. Foundation knowledge is required listed bellows but not limited.

  • Clean Code Mindset
    • Loosely Coupling
    • Minimize Duplicate
    • Single Responsibility
    • Code is comment
  • Software Design Mindset
    • Design Pattern
    • Anti Pattern
    • SOLID
    • Refactoring skillset (code smell discover, refactor techniques)
  • System Design Mindset
    • Design High Availability System
    • Design Scalable System
    • Design Distributed System
    • Design born-optimized System

Team development


[1] We are inspired by Autonomous' DNA

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