Attachments are now supported!

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In the iOS app you can find the attachments by selecting your event from the Calendar view in Team Calendar Sync.

iOS calendar event showing attachments

In Android it works a little differently because Team Calendar Sync doesn't have it's own Calendar view. Instead, the Android Calendar app is used to view / edit the calendar. The Android Calendar app DOES NOT support attachments natively; so I had to use a bit of a workaround. You'll notice that all events that have one or more attachments will now have an "Attachments" section appended to the event description. This is automatically generated by Team Calendar Sync as the event is pulled down from Exchange. It will automatically be removed again by Team Calendar Sync before the event is pushed back to Exchange (if you were to make an "edit" on the Android side).

There is a note that warns users not to edit the section. The reason not to edit this section is the code that removes this section during the push back to Exchange may have trouble finding it if it's been changed. If it's not removed it would appear in Outlook. We don't want this section getting back to Outlook because the links will not work outside of your Android device (the links are specific to the Team Calendar Sync application). You are free to add text above or below the attachment section (I'd recommend staying above it for readability).

Here's what it looks like. You'll see the !--Attachments --! section in the screenshot:

Android calendar event showing attachments

*Note: above screenshot is from the Google Calendar app for Android.

Clicking the link will open a new screen in Team Calendar Sync. The screen allows you to first "Download" the attachment.
Once the attachment has been downloaded the "Open" button is activated. Clicking "Open" will attempt to open in the file in the appropriate application.

Download android calendar event attachment from Team Calendar Sync

So far I've tested with images, word documents, and PDF files... all work great! I have not tried it with a REALLY large file. The largest file I've tried is a 1MB PDF file, which worked fine. You might want to check to see how big your file attachments are. Obviously the bigger they are the longer they will take to download.

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