SoapUI Debugging

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Sometimes it is helpful to recreate Exchange errors outside of Team Calendar Sync. This tutorial will show you how to setup a SoapUI project for testing Exchange Web Services.

Getting Started

(1) Download and install the open source (free) version of SoapUI:

(2) Open SoapUI. Create a new Soap project by clicking the "SOAP button"

(3) Enter the Exchange Web Service WSDL Url (we are using Office 365 in this tutorial)

(4) You will be prompted for your credentials. You might need to enter them multiple times. I had to enter them 3 times while creating this tutorial.

(5) After the WSDL is imported you will see your new project in the navigator. You can select from many operations in the list.

(6) Right-click on the desired operation and select "Create Request"

(7) Enter the Exchange Web Service Url as the endpoint. I'm using the Office 365 endpoint in this tutorial.

(8) Paste in your XML request. The XML you can get from the "Error Reports" within Team Calendar Sync. Support might also provide you with some XML.

(9) Setup your authentication for the request.

(10) Click the "Play" button to run the request. The response XML will appear on the right side.

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