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Hassle-free third-party dependencies

This repository was created for the Hassle-free third-party dependencies blog post on engineroom.teamwork.com.

Set up

Prerequisites: Node.js, Bower & Gulp.

You'll need to run these commands one time to set up the project ready:

  1. npm install. This will install the devDependencies in package.json into the node_modules directory.
  2. bower install. This will install the dependencies in bower.json into the app/third-party directory.

Preprocess the dependencies

Run this initially and anytime after you add / remove / update a Bower dependency:

  1. gulp. This will generate app/third-party.css and app/third-party.js.
  2. Open / reload app/index.html

Further simplifications

From the article:

It could be simplified even more, for example:

  • Add a Gulp task to watch the bower.json for changes, then recompile the third-party files and reload the page.
  • Combine our own style.css and main.js with third-party.css and third-party.js so we'd only have to load one CSS and one JavaScript file.
  • Add source maps.

But I'll leave that up to you :)