Commits on Jan 10, 2019
  1. jsonutil: add MustMarshalIndent(), Indent(), MustIndent() (#52)

    Carpetsmoker committed Jan 10, 2019
    The Indent() function is useful especially in tests, where you want to
    compare two JSON strings but they're both without newlines. The diffs
    that e.g. go-cmp generate are useless, since they just show that that
    one line changed.
Commits on Jan 8, 2019
  1. Add dbg package (#51)

    Carpetsmoker committed Jan 8, 2019
    Often written ad-hoc version of this; sometimes when debugging code you
    print out data:
    	fmt.Println("Append", tbl)
    But not always clear where that's being called from; so we can now use:
    	fmt.Println("Append", tbl, dbg.Loc(1))
    And get:
        Append hub_installations_apps installation.go:492
        Append hub_installations_apps installation.go:36
    Which is useful :-)
    I kep the package and function name short so it's quick to type.
    Pedro: "it's 2019 and use a debugger!" Sorry, I'm not very hip :-(