An Atlas Generator Plug-in for Godot game engine
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Atlas Generator

The Atlas Generator is a Godot plugin which takes Texture as input and outputs AtlasTextures according to the sizes given by the user.

For example; If the user inputs an image with sizes 128x128 and inputs 64x64 as Width and Height to the plugin it would generate 4 .atex files from each corner of the image.



  • Version 1.3 Planned features:
    • A Grid, where you can select which sprites should be exported and which not
      • Select/Deselect all button
      • Selected sprites should be highlighted
    • Remove "Atlas Generator" -button when plugin is disabled.. Somehow
  • Version 1.2 Updates:
    • Edited 'Width' and 'Height' SpinBoxes
      • Not editable if origin texture not selected
      • Max values from origin texture
    • Error Message now now shown in interface
    • Origin Texture field now also checks for file type
      • Both 'browse' buttons now correctly show supported file types
    • Misc. bug fixes
    • Known bugs:
      • PNG Images don't export for some reason
  • Version 1.1 Updates:
    • Destination format can be selected