@Teascade Teascade released this Jan 8, 2019 · 15 commits to release since this release

Assets 2
  • Add menu_systems feature!

    • Create intuitive Menu systems to easily select and draw input from the user
    • Make your own InterfaceItems to fill the menus with
    • Currently pre-made items are
      • TextItem, combination of text label and button
      • TextInput, receive text input from the user
      • Dialog, display large volumes of text easily
      • Checkbox and CheckboxGroup to create Check- and Radiobox functionality
    • Also Windows that have borders, clear their behinds and can limit the cursor within their boundaries
  • Ability to draw multiple TextBuffers simultaneously

    • Now with the same draw command you're used to, draw multiple (even different-sized)
      text_buffers on top of eachother, with consecutive draw-calls!
    • (So no new api for it!)
  • Mouse button / cursor position support

    • menu_systems feature also supports mouse selecting items in Menus!
    • Usable through events.cursor and events.mouse
  • Support for 16-bit characters

  • Smaller additions like

    • TextBuffer can now be optionally limited where the cursor wraps
    • Expose TextBuffer.chars and dimensions
    • Make the API better ie. (use glerminal::TextBuffer instead of glerminal::text_buffer::TextBuffer)
    • Finally a vsync option in TerminalBuilder
  • Some general changes (Not all may be included here)

    • Remove FPS counter from terminal
    • Parser separated to it's own feature
    • Fix panicing on characters that don't exist in font
    • Fix disabling parser not building
    • Fix some other bugs