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Tech@NYU Ships

What the heck is this?

It's a gallery of awesome stuff Tech@NYU members have done. Tech@NYU is the "entrepreneurship club at NYU that ships" so let's show it off. It's sort of like a one-topic site (a la

It is live at

How can I contribute?

This repo is intended to be as simple as possible to make it easy to contribute. No templating or markup language, no confusing servers, just a static page of HTML and CSS that's easy to change.

To get started:

git clone
cd techatnyuships
gem install rack

Maneuver your browser-of-choice to http://localhost:9292/ (Rack's default setup) and you'll see the site!

If you've never used git before, you'll need to learn, so here's a guide: Simple Guide to Git

Style guide

An example project is below. Your project should generally conform to this one, use the same styles, etc.

<hr class="divider">
<div class="project">
	<div class="description">
		<h2>Project Name</h2>
		<h3>Techa@NYU member's names<i class="alumni"></i></h3>
			One sentence description. Followed by a longer, in depth description that
			is 300 characters or less.
			<a class="live_link" href=""></a>
	<div class="image">
		<img src="/img/imageyouadded.jpg" />
  • Project description should be 300 chars or less
  • You MUST have a project image (but it can be anything) and it should be 380 by 260 px.
  • Save the earth and keep load times down by keeping your image to 30kb or less.

What goes on the list?

(These rules are open to debate and change, but for now they are:)

  • One project per Tech@NYU member (i.e., post your best one, not all of them)
  • "Shipped" means available for public consumption. If it's a library, that means posting to GitHub, if it's a product, that means having the product in a live public beta, etc. No private stuff/launchrock pages count as "shipped".
  • There is no project too small or too large, as long as it's shipped.
  • Alumni projects are OK, but should follow all the other rules as well. Put an alumni tag next to alumni names.