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IRC bot for #techatnyu on freenode
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IRC bot for #tech@nyu on freenode

Adding Features (Plugins)

This bot uses cinch, which makes it mad-super-easy to add features. Just write a plugin and put it in the plugins/ directory. Check out some plugin examples and take a look at the plugin documentation for more information.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to add your plugin's dependencies to the Gemfile!

Configuration Files

Configuration files are located in configs/. If you want to use a configuration file with your plugin, please place it there and give it the same name as your plugin so we know what's what.

ConfigData is a configuration data parser that you can use to easily read files located in configs/. It will create an array where each element is a line from your config file, and attempt to create a hash of any key/value pairs in the form [key]: [value]. It ignores empty lines and comments preceeded with #. See lib/ConfigData.rb for more information.

For example, if you create /configs/MyConfig and its contents are:

# this is my config file

juju: "Magic Ju-ju"
awesome_level: 7

I am a lonely string at the end of a file...

then you can access your data as follows:

mydata = :MyConfig
  #=> "Magic Ju-ju"
  #=> "I am a lonely string at the end of a file..."
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