Slides and material from PrairieDevCon 2015 .
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0 - Sample
Application Securty - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Is There Room for Craftsmanship in Software Development
Keeping Secrets Using Encryption Effectively
Source Control Abominations

PrairieDevCon 2015

PrairieDevCom 2015 session decks, sample code, links and other stuff.

Speakers: please feel free to send me pull requests with any of your content that you want to share with the PrairieDevCon attendees. This way we have a single place for attendees to go and get content.

Organization: clone this repository and put your session materials, links or anything else in a subdirectory named with the same name as your session. See the sample for an example of how it could work.

*Note that this is a volunteer effort and is not representing PrairieDevCon in any official way. Thanks!