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#include <Outpost2DLL/Outpost2DLL.h> // Main Outpost 2 header to interface with the game
#include "../DotNetInterop/CppInterface.h" // Header for calling C# functions
#include <Windows.h> // Required for DLLMain
// Note: These exports are required by Outpost2.exe from every level
// DLL. They give values for the map and tech trees used by the
// level and a description to place in the level listbox. The
// last export is used to define characteristics of the level.
// See RequiredExports.h for more details.
// ** Be sure to set these when you build your own level**
// Required data exports (Description, Map, TechTree, GameType, NumPlayers)
ExportLevelDetails("6P, LoS, '<map name>'", /*""*/"", "MULTITEK.TXT", Colony, 6)
// Alternative style:
// Required data exports (Description, Map, TechTree, GameType, NumPlayers, maxTechLevel, bUnitOnlyMission)
//ExportLevelDetailsEx("6P, LoS, '<map name>'", "", "MULTITEK.TXT", MultiLastOneStanding, 6, 12, false)
// Set to true to have the DotNetInterop call [NativePluginName]_DotNet.dll (for custom C# missions).
// Set to false to have the DotNetInterop call DotNetMissionSDK.dll (for JSON missions).
#define USE_CUSTOM_DLL false
static bool CLR_INIT = false;
static char* moduleFileName;
bool Attach()
CLR_INIT = true;
return DotNetInterop::Attach(moduleFileName, USE_CUSTOM_DLL);
Export void __cdecl GetSaveRegions(struct BufferDesc &bufDesc)
if (!CLR_INIT)
bufDesc.bufferStart = DotNetInterop::GetSaveBuffer();
bufDesc.length = DotNetInterop::GetSaveBufferLength();
// Note: The following function is called once by Outpost2.exe when the
// level is first initialized. This is where you want to create
// all the initial units and structures as well as setup any
// map/level environment settings such as day and night.
// Note: Returns true if level loaded successfully and is playable, false to abort
Export int InitProc()
if (!CLR_INIT)
if (!Attach())
return 0;
return DotNetInterop::Initialize();
// Note: The following function seems to be intended for use in
// controlling an AI. It is called once every game cycle.
// Use it for whatever code needs to run on a continual basis.
// Note: The standard level DLLs released by Sierra leave this function
// empty and handle all AI controls through triggers.
Export void AIProc()
if (!CLR_INIT)
// Note: This is a trigger callback function. This function is
// intentionally left empty and is used as the trigger
// callback function for triggers that don't want or need
// any special callback function.
// Note: The use of Export is used by all trigger functions
// to ensure they are exported correctly.
Export void NoResponseToTrigger()
BOOL WINAPI DllMain(HINSTANCE hinstDLL, DWORD fdwReason, LPVOID lpvReserved)
int len;
LPSTR filePath;
//bool result;
switch (fdwReason)
len = MAX_PATH;
filePath = new char[len];
// Get DLL path
while (GetModuleFileName(hinstDLL, filePath, len) == len)
delete[] filePath;
len += MAX_PATH;
filePath = new char[len];
//result = DotNetInterop::Attach(filePath, USE_CUSTOM_DLL);
//delete[] filePath;
//return result;
moduleFileName = filePath;
return true;
return true;
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