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Talks from this year's conference.
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Talks and resource materials from this year's conference.

Not all speakers want their slides shared online, but if you want to contact a specific person about their talk please contact us (

Copy of the schedule


How do you secure a cloud?
Keynote Presentation, 30 minutes
Andi Hudson

Track 1

Quantum Communications
Talk, 30 minutes
Caroline Clark

How to Hack the Tech Ecosystem
Talk, 30 minutes
Vicky Hunter

The Demise of Big Data — Making Intelligent Insights at the Edge
Talk, 45 minutes
Alasdair Allan

Practical Digital Forensics when everything is ablaze
Talk, 45 minutes
Peter Jones

Reject the evidence of your eyes and ears
Talk, 45 minutes
Janet Bastiman

Is WordPress a secure platform?
Talk, 45 minutes
Dan Wiseman

Trust but Verify - When GPS can go wrong
Talk, 30 minutes
Guy Buesnel

Track 2

Hacking (Not So) Smart Things 101
Talk, 45 minutes
Achim Brucker

Futures made of virtual reality - Hacking VR for learning
Talk, 30 minutes
Sam Vine

Hacking human perception - illusions and virtual reality
Talk, 30 minutes + hands on session
Gavin Buckingham

The anatomy of a payment card breach
Talk, 30 minutes
Pete Woodward

Why we need diversity in cyber security - for everyone’s sake!
Talk, 30 minutes
Roz Woodward

A.I. Diversity, Discrimination and Nation State Defence
Talk, 45 minutes
Nicola Whiting

Track 3

Developer Threat Modelling
Talk, 45 minutes
Seb Coles

Using the Web Cryptography API in PWAs/SPAs
Talk, 30 minutes
Jon Stace

Strong, secure & human-free database credentials in Amazon Web Services
Talk, 30 minutes
Cariad Eccleston

The dangers of user input
Talk, 30 minutes
Adam Langley

Policy as code - why you should, how you can
Talk, 45 minutes
Olly Stephens

Securing docker containers
Talk, 45 minutes
Tom Mason

The forgotten musketeer - availability is a security concern too!
Talk, 45 minutes
Matthew Huxtable


Decisions and Disruptions
Samantha Parsons
10.00 Workshop, 2 hours
Work in teams to manage the cyber security of a fictional organisation, with Lego!

Don't be the next Equifax
Paul Mcadam
11.30 Talk (30 mins) + Open Clinic (1 hour)
We look at best practice and try to fathom why, despite spectacular failures like Equifax, companies are still not managing Open Source components. Paul is holding an open clinic so if people want to offer some code to scan through he'll go through the results live.

Know Your Threat Actor
Liam Glanfield
14.00 Talk + Workshop, 2 hours
An intro to common approaches taken to compromise a business and their systems. Try out the attack vectors for real in greater depth on our test network.

Privacy 101 - What do people actually want?
Stephanie Itimi
14.45 Workshop, 1 hour
This workshop focuses on the basics of privacy. What the GDPR and Data Protection Act really means, how it can be applied and how can you create privacy policies that users and employees alike actually want.
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