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  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act API by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Overview | API
  • Free Law Project
  • - Free Law Project is a non-profit benefit corporation based in California which provides free, public access to legal materials on the Internet for educational, legal research, and charitable purposes to the benefit of the general public.

  • Programmable Web (law-related APIs)
  • - Programmable web is an indexing website for hundreds of API which can be used for free.

  • State decoded: Website | API
  • - State decoded is a website which makes state codes and other legal jargon understandable to regular people.

  • Courtlistener
  • - Courtlistener is a free repository of court opinions and bulk legal data from various states.

  • Supreme Court Data in Bulk and Via a REST API by Free Law Project

  • USA Spending
  • - USA Spending is a publicly available, searchable website that provides the American public access to information on entities and organizations receiving federal funds.

  • Avvo
  • - Avvo API allows access to information from Avvo's lawyer directory.

  • Google API
  • - Various API from Google

  • Google Maps
  • - API for Google Maps