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This is an alphabetical list of companies and apps that provide solutions for increasing access to justice:


  • FBI Child ID - provides a convenient place to electronically store photos and vital information about your children so that it’s literally right at hand if you need it.
  • Navigating DCFS empowers clients as they navigate DCFS Investigations.
  • Sit With Us is designed to promote a kinder and more inclusive school community.
  • Thorn is a platform that supports the development of technologies to stop child sexual exploitation.
  • Spotlight's goal is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of domestic sex trafficking investigations and increase the number of women and children who are identified and connected with help resources.
  • Bark is a watchdog engine which uses advanced algorithms to look for a variety of potential issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, drug-related content, and signs of depression. If a potential issue is detected, a text/email alert is sent to guardians to review the issue, along with recommended actions on how to handle the situation.
  • Oyoty is a chatbot that detects threats and risks on smart devices and social networks using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Oyoty alerts the child to risks and threats--parents can also choose to receive an alert. Oyoty guides the child how to deal with risks/threats and delivers educational content to encourage safer online behaviour. You see your child’s progress on your dashboard.


  • DC ShotSpotter - uses a microphone network to identify the audio signature of a gunshot, triangulates its location and notifies police


    • is a resource for people with juvenile records in Illinois. seeks to clarify juvenile expungement, with the hope of more people getting their records erased.
    • RecordBleach is a tool that enables Texans to prepare necessary court documents for expunction of certain arrests, charge, and convictions.
    • ReEntry.Me helps parolees find resources with less friction.





    • My VA Disability - app which helps veterans with disability calculate their monthly disability compensation
    • Disability Attorney - app which enables disabled citizens to have easier access to lawyers that can help them with their workers compensation, social security disability, and personal injury claims


    • mRelief - a non-profit organization that provides an easy to use online and text messaging tool for low-income Americans to find out if they qualify for social services
    • Disastr - it offers access to disaster relief, breaking news and links to legal professionals who can help in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Included is advice on getting food stamps and health care, and navigating insurance after a natural disaster.


    • Due Processr - helps determine if someone is eligible for appointed counsel or the waiver of fees, and if not, it directs the user to a site to help find a lawyer
    • UJUJ - an online dispute resolution tool that allows parties to a small claims case to create their arguments on video and upload them to the web site for the Internet public to vote on the outcome
    • Otter - enables students to resolve conflicts with peers and adults through Online Dispute Resolution & SEL Monitoring
    • Modria - an online dispute resoultion service for eCommerce cases
    • Youstice - online dispute resolution service which helps companies seamlessly communicate with their customers and handle claims, so that customers can spend more time shopping and less time making complaints
    • Fix-a-fight - app which helps the user resolve a conflict
    • SmartSettle - service which provides users softwares on settling conflicts and disputes
    • Arbitranet - online arbitration chamber in Brazil that offers reliable, secure, and efficient way to resolve conflicts arising from commercial contracts
    • Virtual Courthouse - onlinde dispute resolution service that provides users with experienced arbitrators and mediators
    • PeopleClaim - online dispute resolution service
    • USAID Virtual Courtrooms - virtual courtrooms designed by the USAID
    • Civil Resolution Tribunal - Canada’s first online tribunal for resolving strata and small claims disputes


    • ProTechMe is a chat bot that collects protective order info quickly and efficiently
    • InMyLanguage is a tool for limited English survivors as well as their advocates to access resources.
    • dvServe crowdsources the process of serving of orders of protection.
    • Domestic Violence Prevention by Department of Navy's Sea Warrior Program Office - a mobile training and resource tool that provides easy access to information that satisfies the Navy's General Military Training (GMT) requirements for Domestic Violence Prevention
    • Document It! is designed by Training Insititute on Strangulation Prevention to help women document their incidents and references of an event. Gather as much detail as possible using a mobile application and submit the evidence to law enforcement officers or to an attorney with a click of a button.
    • Purple PocketBook - an app for helping women get information on local shelters, legal information as well as a questionnaire to know if you are in a potential domestic violence situation
    • Trusted Helplines - app which allows the user to connect with non-profit organizations and government agencies for free advice and financial assistance
    • El Sistema Acusatorio - an app which reports the general aspects of the new accusatory penal system, on family violence in Mexico
    • iHope - an app that provides existing or potential victims of domestic violence with safety tools to plan and contact up to five designated trusted family members, friends or other contacts about their situation or when they need help
    • techsafety - list of apps for potential victims of domestic violence
    • RUSAFE? - an app that helps users identify if they are in a potentially dangerous situation and connects them to a domestic violence hotline in their area
    • R3 - app which helps the user know if they are in an abusive relationship or if someone they know is in an abusive relationship
    • My Plan App - an app that helps women and their friends to determine if a relationship is unsafe and create an action plan to leave safely
    • Document The Abuse - provides users with a step by step method to create and record their Evidence Abuse Affidavit
    • ProTechMe - chat bot that fills out protective orders quickly and efficiently in Harris County, TX, so that the user can take the form and present to the courthouse without help from a lawyer
    • InMyLanguage - tool for limited English-speaking survivors to help them process their domestic violence case
    • dvServe - too to get order of protection for domestic violence survivors
    • td411 - app that provides information to teens on healthy relationship and teen dating violence
    • bSafe - a personal safety app designed to keep the user safe from possible emergencies 24/7
    • Circle of 6 - personal safety app that lets the user choose up to 6 trusted friends to add to their circle and sends a pre-programmed SMS text with their exact location if they are in danger
    • Hollaback! - app to help provide proof that street harassment is a serious problem warranting a serious response from policymakers
    • SafeNight - app that alerts individual donors to fund hotel rooms when local domestic violence shelters are full
    • VINEmobile - app that allows victims to register for timely and reliable information regarding the custody status of offenders 24 hours a day
    • GWEN Alert - a personal safety app to aid users in getting immediate help in an emergency
    • Camera V - app which captures and shares verifiable photos and video proof on a smartphone or tablet, all the while keeping it entirely secure and private
    • Wickr - messenger app which lets the user send encrypted text messages, videos, and photos from their smartphones
    • Predator Alert Tool on Facebook - Facebook service that allows sexual assault and domestic violence survivors to anonymously share information about the people in their social network who may be dangerous
    • Buoy - a decentralized 9-1-1 alternative built for and by people who are not well served by existing emergency response services
    • Sex Offender Search - users can pull up such info as address, date of birth and the charges filed against the offender.
    • Domestic Violence Toolkit by National Network to End Domestic Violence - provides transitional housing providers with easy access to information and resources to enhance services to domestic violence survivors.
    • Aspire News App - app that contains resources for victims of domestic violence


    • Buoy is a free and open source technology for connecting users with friends and allies in times of need. It exists to empower you and your communities with a decentralized, customized, alternative crisis response system that does not rely on intervention by the police, other government services, or corporations.


    • DOL - Timesheet - used to record the hours an employee works, and it automatically calculates overtime at time-and-a-half the regular rate of pay.



    • SupportPay - This app makes it easy for unmarried parents to track child support payments and other payments (medical bills, extracurricular activities), making it easy to resolve conflict, stay organized and document money exchange in the event of legal conflict.
    • SquareHub - an app that incorporates a shared calendar, for scheduling vacations and soccer practice, text messaging and photo sharing for familes with divorced parents.
    • Wevorce - aims to take the expense and contention out of divorce by surveying customers, who are then directed to a team of divorce professionals that make sense for them.
    • Our Family Wizard - suite of tools that support co-parenting, including expense tracking, medical record and calendar sharing, and a virtual diary.
    • 2houses - this app and site also helps unmarried couples co-parent, through a shared calendar, expense tracking and balancing, list-making and and photo and comment sharing.


    • Balance 4 SNAP and EBT - an app that lets users register on their system to check their SNAP and EBT card balance
    • Fresh EBT - app that lets users check their EBT card balance through entering their EBT/food stamp information on their smartphones
    • SnapFresh - service which finds the closest places that accepts EBT cards


    • Grantvantage - software that gives project managers a complete, top-down view of all grants, contracts, sub-awards, objectives, performance measures, activities, and staff assignments
    • Common grant forms by Community Resource Center America - these common grant forms by CRC allows Colorado grantseekers to use a single form for many different applications and reports
    • Legal Aid Grants: Open Data Standard - Proposed at the Legal Justice Hackathon


    • Find a Health Center by Health Resources and Services Administration - an app which helps the user find the nearest health center in their community by typing a city, state, or ZIP code
    • American Health Lawyers Association Pro-Bono Kit (for health lawyers)
    • PaperHealth - an app specifically created for residents of Massachusetts. It enables the user to create a "living will" and lets them assign theiw own HealthCare Proxy
    • Augmedix - give health care providers a team of real-time, quality-controlled, and customized remote scribes, accessed through Google Glass
    • Chicago Health Atlas is a place where you can view citywide information about health trends and take action near you to improve your own health.


    • HayStack is a tool to explore Point in Time data provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development across the 25 metro areas involved in the 25 Cities Initiative (Continuums of Care).
    • HUD Resource Locator by US Department of Housing and Urban Development - app that helps users discover commonly requested federal housing resources within their community
    • Copia uses technology to streamline the process of surplus food and distribution.
    • Anti-eviction Map - Radical data visualization and digital storytelling collective documenting the dispossession of SF Bay Area residents.
    • HUD Grants by US Department of Housing and Urban Development - app that allows users to find all grants which are listed on for Housing Urban Development
    • My NYCHA by the New York City Housing Authority - app that allows public housing residents to create, submit, schedule, view and update maintenance service requests, view alerts and outages related to their developments, view their scheduled inspections and maintain their contact information via their smartphones and tablets
    • PD&R Mobile Apps by US Department of Housing and Urban Development - list of apps created by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide the public with the latest housing research and data
    • Sheltr - mobile-friendly web app that provides information to guide individuals in Philadelphia to an intake center, a place where meals can be accessed, and a place to sleep for the night
    • WeShelter - app that lets user contribute to the homeless in New York City
    • Street Reach Cincinnati - app which allows users to make a report of someone living on the street to the local agencies that will attempt to make contact with the person/s
    • ShelterConnect - open-source platform that optimizes the distribution of food donations in Los Angeles
    • WeCount - helps people safely ask for items they need, and helps community members give directly to their neighbors
    • Our App - app that user provides an ample selection of homeless aiding tasks right at their fingertips
    • Making Home Affordable website by US Housing and Urban Development - service offered by the US Housing and Urban Development sector designed to help Americans with mortgage problems
    • We are visible - a peer support network for the homeless
    • Link-SF - website that connects homeless and low-income residents with critical and life-saving resources nearby


    • Citizenshipworks - walks eligible immigrants through the naturalization process. Using the app, they’re able to determine their eligibility to become a U.S. citizen, find out what documents they need to make it happen, and discover access to free and low-cost legal help for naturalization.
    • Pocket DACA - a helpful self-screening tool for foreign children living in the U.S. without the proper immigration paperwork
    • Immigo is a comprehensive resource providing up-to-date, relevant and need-to-know information for practitioners working in the immigrant integration space.


    • Legal Aid News - Users can employ the app to search for general legal aid news or new developments in legal aid on a state-by-state basis, as well as updated info on national legal centers for low-income people and news on the Legal Services Corp
    • Legal Aid Finder by state - service which enables the user to find legal aid programs around the country
    • HelpMeLaw Legal Aid - service that offers Maine residents free help in finding legal aid
    • Illinois Legal Aid App- a field guide to Illinois law. Get easy to understand legal tools for issues like divorce, custody, criminal records, small claims, eviction, foreclosure, unemployment, name change, guardianship and more.


    • Ask a Lawyer - allows user to get legal help, ask any legal questions, and find possible representation
    • Bernie Sez - allows users to take a picture of a ticket or other paperwork having to do with the charge filed, and upload it to the cloud, where scores of competing lawyers look over the case and compete to represent the user
    • LawZam - invites people with legal problems to visit its site and post legal questions that its lawyers answer with an initial free consultation. The app includes videoconferencing, so both parties can get a good look at one another before they agree to do business.
    • My Attorney App - clients can store background information, witness information and photographs associated with cases, in addition to dialing or texting their attorneys.
    • The Stellute Law App - designed for Virginia drivers who need guidance at an accident scene.
    • RECAP Project - a free extension for Firefox and Chrome that improves the experience of using PACER, the electronic public access system for the U.S. Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts.
    • Shake - app that can create, sign and send legally binding agreements
    • Droid Law - an app which indexes various state and federal laws
    • Legal Edge - app that streams free legal content written by experts in all areas of the law
    • Fastcase - app that contains cases and statutes from all 50 states and from the federal government
    • PocketJustice - app that contains details on more than 600 constitutional law cases and users can access any public recorded session
    • Global Law - app which brings the latest worlwide news on international legal developments
    • StandIn - location-based app that matches lawyers with other lawyers, agents and legal professionals for court appearances.
    • Law Dictionary/Guide - dictionary app about legal jargon
    • SCOTUSblog - app which keeps the user up-to-date with the latest Supreme Court news
    • LegalZoom - provides accessible legal help to average Americans
    • Legalswipe - an app that informs people of their rights during interactions with police
    • AgileLaw- app that lets lawyers work paper free by uploading documents and PDFs needed for deposition
    • CaseSync - cloud-based legal management that allows law firms to save and access their data in the cloud
    • Dike trial: Calendar 4 Lawyers - calendar app specifically made for lawyers to organize and track their case hearings



    • "Oh Crap!" App - protects drivers from an overly aggressive driving-while-intoxicated stop
    • Stop and Frisk Watch App - allows a neighborhood bystander to record a questionable stop-and-frisk with just a flick of the finger.
    • Mobile Justice is a collection of ACLU apps to record police conduct, with apps for 18 states.
    • Citizens Police Data Project is a database of 56,000 misconduct complaint records for more than 8,500 Chicago police officers.
    • Crime and Punishment in Chicago is an index of data sources surrounding this criminal justice system as it is in Chicago.
    • Convicted in Cook is an analysis of five years of Cook County conviction data.


    • HandUp provides nonprofits and donors in the community with a new, simple, and direct way to make an impact on poverty.



    • Pro Bono Net - a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to justice for the disadvantaged
    • Bail Bloc lets you volunteer your computer's spare power to get people out of jail.


    • lets you bail out black prison inmates with your spare change.


    • ROSS is an A.I. lawyer that helps human lawyers research faster and focus on advising clients.
    • Do Not Pay, The World's First Robot Lawyer, helps with parking tickets
    • Legal Robot Artificial Intelligence for Legal Documents
    • LawBot is a chatbot lawyer that helps you understand the laws surrounding major criminal offences in England & Wales.


    • Guide Change helps you safely manage your finances while avoiding financial exploitation.




    • DoNotPay is a chat bot designed to help people dispute parking violations.
    • Fixed is an app that helps you fight tickets.
    • Off The Record lets you contest your traffic ticket directly from your smart phone.
    • WinIt helps you manage and dispute your NYC parking tickets.
    • GetDismissed fights traffic tickets for free.


    • Blue Button originated at the Veteran’s Administration as a symbol on its patient portal that beneficiaries could click to securely download their own health record electronically. Since then the Blue Button has spread beyond VA to other government agencies and the private sector.
    • My Next Move For Veterans is designed for U.S. veterans who are current job seekers. The interactive tool helps vets learn about their career options.
    • VA Online Will Preparation Service is a no-cost service for beneficiaries of certain servicemember and veterans group life insurance plans. The service is handled by, and requires an 8-digit insurance claim number to access the service. However, claim numbers are not issued until the servicemember or veteran dies.
    • eBenefits the result of a collaboration between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. They serve Veterans, Service members, Wounded Warriors, their family members, and their authorized caregivers. eBenefits is a secure environment where you can safely access your personal information and perform self-service tasks, applications (online and PDF) for disability compensation and various benefits, and employment resources.
    • Caseflow: Clerical errors have the potential to delay the resolution of a veteran's appeal by months. Caseflow Certification uses automated error checking, and user-centered design to greatly reduce the number of clerical errors made when certifying appeals from offices around the nation to the Board of Veteran's Appeals in Washington DC.
    • VA Private Care Eligibility is a VA private care eligbility info tool currently under development and made available for preview and feedback purposes only.
    • Veterans Choice Locator is a web mapping application that provides veterans the ability to search and find Non VA Care providers through the Choice Act.
    • GI Bill® Comparison Tool is where you can learn about education programs and compare estimated benefits by school.
    • MicroHealth is a Center for Veteran Enterprises (CVE) and a verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that specializes in health information technology and health information management. On their site you'll find: VA Disability Rating Calculator, VA Disability Compensation Calculator, VA Disability Combined Rating and Compensation Calculator, VA Bilateral Disability Rating Calculator, VA Disability Combined Bilateral Rating and Compensation Calculator, SMC VA Disability Calculator, DIC VA Disability Calculator, and a Parents DIC VA Disability Calculator.
    • VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Text Message Appointment Reminders: the text message will include the appointment date, time and location, and if a Veteran has multiple appointments on the same day, the system will send a separate message for each appointment.
    • Veterans Text is a Veterans Crisis Line text-messaging service (text to 838255). Qualified VA responders are standing by to provide free and confidential support even if you’re not registered with VA or enrolled in VA health care.
    • VetChange VetChange is a free, confidential online program to help Veterans cut back or stop drinking, and learn to manage PTSD symptoms without using alcohol. It is self-administered online intervention that uses elements of motivational interviewing, CBT strategies and self-control training to address problematic drinking in people with PTSD.
    • MILISOURCE Mobile app provides veterans benefits information and resources, including personalized, profile-driven benefits recommendations. The comprehensive app includes a proprietary database of over 900 veterans benefits available from the VA, state veterans departments and veterans service organizations.
    The VA App Store is where you'll find access to more than a dozen apps, including those created specifically for Veterans and their Health Care Professionals. Here are a few:
    • Stay Quit Coach was designed to help Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) quit smoking. This treatment is based on evidence-based clinical practices, and has been shown to double quit rates for Veterans with PTSD.
    • Annie App for Veterans is a Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging capability that promotes self-care for Veterans enrolled in VA health care. When your provider or a member of your VA health care team signs you up for Annie for a health issue, you will receive automated messages that prompt you to track your own health. You are asked to reply to messages so that Annie can let you know how you are doing. Annie also can send you appointment reminders and messages from your local VA medical facility.
    • PTSD Coach was designed for Servicemembers and Veterans who have, or may have, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This App provides readily available tools to manage PTSD-related symptoms and stress and supports Service members and Veterans with self-assessments, symptom-tracking capabilities, educational materials, and coping skills to address and monitor stress.
    • Parenting2Go is designed to provide convenient tools to help you strengthen your parenting skills and reconnect with your children. The App addresses challenges that come with parenting children of all ages and backgrounds and includes advice on how to handle every day parenting situations as well as those unique to military life.
    • Caring4WomenVeteransWomen Veterans often have health needs that are different from both those of male Veterans and the general female population. Whether you are a VA or non-VA care team member, the Caring4WomenVeterans App offers comprehensive information targeting the specific health care needs of women Veterans. You will find facts and statistics about women Veterans’ health, an overview of common issues they face, questions to guide conversations with your patients and links to additional resources.
    • Veteran Appointment Request - allows veterans to directly schedule or request primary care appointments, and request mental health appointments at facilities where you already receive care. With the app, you can also view your appointment details, track the status of requests, send messages about the requested appointments, get notifications about appointments, and cancel most appointments.
    • ACT Coach - designed for Veterans, Servicemembers and others who are in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with a mental health professional and want to use an ACT App in conjunction with their therapy. The App is designed to improve rates of patient participation in treatment and, as a result, treatment outcomes. Additionally, the App is designed to help providers adhere to published treatment protocol.
    • Concussion Coach - designed for Veterans, Servicemembers and other people who have symptoms that may be related to concussion, or mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. This App can be used by itself, but it may be more helpful when used along with treatment from a health provider.
    • Ask a Pharmacist - enables veterans to access information about VA pharmacies and medication easily — with the comfort of knowing the information is valid and from trusted sources. If you have a verified My HealtheVet account (credentials for VA's personal health record), you can link to VA pharmacy and Secure Messaging services via the app, allowing you to quickly go to your personal medication and health information as well as learn about pharmacy-related topics.
    • Moving Forward - access on-the-go tools and learn problem solving skills to overcome obstacles and deal with stress. Especially helpful in managing challenges such as: returning to civilian life, balancing school and family life, financial difficulties, relationship problems, difficult career decisions, and coping with physical injuries. It may be used alone or in combination with the free Moving Forward Online Course.
    • My Disaster Recovery - an online tool designed to improve trauma survivor coping skills, which involves no written disclosure and is self-administered without any clinician contact. It consists of six modules: social support, self-talk, relaxation, trauma triggers, unhelpful coping, and professional help.
    • DoD Transition Assistance Program - TAP provides information and training to ensure Service members separating from Active Duty are prepared for their next step in life - whether pursuing additional education, finding a job in the public or private sector, or starting their own business. In 2013, TAP was redesigned into a cohesive, modular, outcome-based program that bolsters and standardizes the opportunities, services, and training that Service members receive to better prepare them to pursue their post-military career goals.