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Siege mode does not enable PvP #199

ShaneBeee opened this issue Aug 28, 2017 · 4 comments


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commented Aug 28, 2017

I know often you say you wont fix anything to do with siege as you are giving up on it as part of this plugin, but I thought I would try!

What behaviour is expected:

PVP during siege

What behaviour is observed:

PVP is not allowed

Steps/models to reproduce:

We have PVP turned off in claims, Giving players some sort of safety.
But when you /siege a player, you still cant PVP them.
So I was hoping you could change it so when a player is sieged, you can PVP them.
Maybe I have something set up wrong??

Spigot/Craftbukkit/Paper and GriefPrevention version:

This can be found by running /version and /version GriefPrevention on your server.

Stack trace/error (if applicable)

Paste entire stack trace inside here

GriefPrevention config.yml (if applicable)

Paste config inside here
# Default values are perfect for most servers.  If you want to customize and have a question, look for the answer here first:
    world: -1
    world_nether: -1
    world_the_end: -1
    world_resource: -1
      world_resource: Disabled
      world: SurvivalRequiringClaims
      world_nether: Disabled
      world_the_end: Disabled
    PreventGlobalMonsterEggs: true
    PreventTheft: false
    ProtectCreatures: true
    PreventButtonsSwitches: true
    LockWoodenDoors: false
    LockTrapDoors: false
    LockFenceGates: true
    EnderPearlsRequireAccessTrust: true
    ProtectHorses: true
    InitialBlocks: 100
    Claim Blocks Accrued Per Hour:
      Default: 0
    Max Accrued Claim Blocks:
      Default: 200000
    Accrued Idle Threshold: 0
    AccruedIdlePercent: 0
    AbandonReturnRatio: 1.0
    AutomaticNewPlayerClaimsRadius: 4
    ExtendIntoGroundDistance: 5
    MinimumWidth: 5
    MinimumArea: 25
    MaximumDepth: 0
    InvestigationTool: STICK
    ModificationTool: GOLD_SPADE
      ChestClaimDays: 7
      UnusedClaimDays: 14
        DaysInactive: 60
        ExceptWhenOwnerHasTotalClaimBlocks: 10000
        ExceptWhenOwnerHasBonusClaimBlocks: 5000
        SurvivalWorlds: true
    AllowTrappedInAdminClaims: false
    MaximumNumberOfClaimsPerPlayer: 0
    CreationRequiresWorldGuardBuildPermission: true
    PortalGenerationRequiresPermission: true
    VillagerTradingRequiresPermission: true
    CommandsRequiringAccessTrust: /sethome;/esethome
    DeliverManuals: true
    ManualDeliveryDelaySeconds: 30
    Enabled: false
    LoginCooldownSeconds: 60
    LoginLogoutNotificationsPerMinute: 5
    ChatSlashCommands: /me;/global;/local
    WhisperSlashCommands: /tell;/pm;/r;/whisper;/msg
    WarningMessage: Please reduce your noise level.  Spammers will be banned.
    BanOffenders: true
    BanMessage: Banned for spam.
    DeathMessageCooldownSeconds: 120
    Logout Message Delay In Seconds: 0
      world: true
      world_nether: true
      world_the_end: true
      world_resource: true
    ProtectFreshSpawns: true
    PunishLogout: true
    CombatTimeoutSeconds: 15
    AllowCombatItemDrop: false
    BlockedSlashCommands: /home;/vanish;/spawn;/tpa
      PlayerOwnedClaims: true
      AdministrativeClaims: true
      AdministrativeSubdivisions: true
    AllowLavaDumpingNearOtherPlayers: true
    AllowFlintAndSteelNearOtherPlayers: true
    ProtectPetsOutsideLandClaims: false
    ClaimBlocksPurchaseCost: 5.0
    ClaimBlocksSellValue: 0.0
    PvPWorlds: false
    NonPvPWorlds: true
  BlockLandClaimExplosions: true
  BlockSurfaceCreeperExplosions: true
  BlockSurfaceOtherExplosions: true
  LimitSkyTrees: true
  LimitTreeGrowth: false
  LimitPistonsToLandClaims: true
  FireSpreads: false
  FireDestroys: false
  AdminsGetWhispers: true
  AdminsGetSignNotifications: true
  SmartBan: true
  Mute New Players Using Banned Words: true
  MaxPlayersPerIpAddress: 3
    - world
    - DIRT
    - GRASS
    - GRAVEL
    - SAND
    - GLASS
    - WOOD
    - WOOL
    - SNOW
  EndermenMoveBlocks: false
  SilverfishBreakBlocks: false
  CreaturesTrampleCrops: false
  RabbitsEatCrops: true
  HardModeZombiesBreakDoors: false
    URL: ''
    UserName: ''
    Password: ''
  UseBanCommand: false
  BanCommandPattern: ban %name% %reason%
    BlockIdsRequiringAccessTrust: []
    - 99999:*:Example - ID 99999, all data values.
    BlockIdsExplodable: []
    PlayersIgnoringAllClaims: []
  Abridged Logs:
    Days To Keep: 7
    Included Entry Types:
      Social Activity: true
      Suspicious Activity: true
      Administrative Activity: false
      Debug: false
      Muted Chat Messages: false

### Plugin list (if applicable):

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commented Aug 28, 2017

Only other thing I can suggest is to try with just GP installed. The siege system is kind of "hacked" into the plugin and not a very easy thing to debug; it'll be removed entirely in GP version 20 and will be the job of an addon (as it should be).


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commented Aug 28, 2017

Totally understandable!
I turned PVP ON in claims, and siege works fine
Turn PVP off in claims and you can't pvp during siege!
I guess for now I need to leave PVP turned on in claims, until someone writes a siege add-on


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commented Aug 28, 2017

Definitely a bug, whole point of siege was to eliminate players "turtling" in their bases, but I guess some PvP changes Big_Scary made probably broke this...

@RoboMWM RoboMWM changed the title [Suggestion] PVP on during Siege Siege mode does not enable PvP Aug 28, 2017
@RoboMWM RoboMWM removed the wontfix label Sep 19, 2018
@RoboMWM RoboMWM closed this in 5e2f128 Sep 19, 2018

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commented Sep 20, 2018

I cant wait until the siege system is separate so we are able to create a complete overhaul of it, needs a complete refresh!

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