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This is the GitHub page for Techhub.London, TechHub’s guide to the best of the local area. All of the information on the website is Open Source, and if you have better suggestions, you are welcome to edit the code and add them!

You can find and edit the source in the dev branch, while the live pages are in the master branch.
Feeling curious? See how we built the project in the source branch.

Getting started

Noticed a typo? Have a great place to add to one of the lists? You are welcome to edit the website.

We ask that all additions fit these criteria:

  • It will be a helpful addition to other people using the website
  • It only contains links to relevant websites or relevant text
  • It doesn’t cause the website to break or contain malicious code

Any edits that do not fit the criteria sadly will not be added to the website :(
TechHub dot London is a benevolent dictatorship - we reserve the right not to add content as we see fit, but we'll usually add any relevant content.

Editing the website

Please edit the dev branch.

  • Edit the HTML and add your CSS in styles/main.css
  • Please store any images you use on GitHub, and do not link to external images
  • Send us a pull request with your changes!

New to Git or GitHub? Have a look at the GitHub Guide

Made with

  • Bootstrap3
  • jQuery
  • Font-Awesome
  • Yeoman
  • Node.js
  • Grunt
  • Bower


TechHub.London is licensed under the terms of the MIT Licence - see the License.txt file for more details.


TechHub dot London




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