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Add missing files to requirejs build script

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sork committed Mar 12, 2012
1 parent c5ddb3f commit a4a9cf43f266666311f547489297aeda4bf9f29a
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ node ../../bin/r.js -o build.js
echo "Removing unnecessary js files from the build directory"
-find $BUILDDIR/js -type f -not \( -name "game.js" -o -name "home.js" -o -name "log.js" -o -name "require-jquery.js" -o -name "mapworker.js" -o -name "detect.js" -o -name "underscore.min.js" -o -name "text.js" \) -delete
+find $BUILDDIR/js -type f -not \( -name "game.js" -o -name "home.js" -o -name "log.js" -o -name "require-jquery.js" -o -name "modernizr.js" -o -name "css3-mediaqueries.js" -o -name "mapworker.js" -o -name "detect.js" -o -name "underscore.min.js" -o -name "text.js" \) -delete
echo "Removing sprites directory"
rm -rf $BUILDDIR/sprites

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