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CartThrob hosted integration
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Compatible with CartThrob version 3 and Expression Engine version 3

Installation Instructions

Step 1:

Copy the contents of the httpdocs folder to your root Expression Engine directory, clicking "Yes" merge folders

Step 2:

Log in to the admin area of Expression Engine, then navigate to the developer tools (Wrench icon) in the top right. Then click "Add-on Manager". Locate your 'CartThrob Add-on' in the "Thrid Party Add-Ons" section and click manage. Navigate to and click the "PAYMENTS" tab.

Step 3:

In the "Select a gateway to edit its settings" dropdown choose "Cardstream (Hosted)"

Step 4:

Configure the "Cardstream (Hosted)" payment gateway settings. Once configured, scroll down and locate "Allow Gateway Selection in Checkout Form?". Find "Cardstream (Hosted)" and check it, then click submit. The module has now been added to the checkout page.

Module Configuration:

By default we have set the module to the use the test details. To use your live details simply replace the test details in the text boxes with the ones supplied from your Cardstream live letter.

Cardstream Config settings

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