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Compatible with Version 1 of Lemoncart


Cardstream Hosted integration for Lemonstand

Step 1:

Copy the contents of the httpdocs directory to your root LemonStand folder

Step 2:

Navigate to Shop > Payment Methods and click “Add payment method”. From the list of available payment methods, click Cardstream. Once clicked, you will be directed for a tabbed form to fill out. Type the name you wish customers to see into the “Name” box, together with an optional description into the “Description” box. Next, you must select a page that you’re customers will be redirected to when the payment process is complete (“Thank You!” is recommended). Next, click the “Countries” tab and tick the countries you wish to be able to take Cardstream payments from.

Step 3:

Once you have filled out the “General Parameters” and “Countries” tabs, you will be left with the “Configuration” tab to complete.

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