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Multicast (150 pts)

Multicast was one of the earliest challenges released. We were given two files: a sage program called generate.sage and a file with 20 large integers called data.txt. This was generate.sage:

nbits = 1024
e = 5
flag = open("flag.txt").read().strip()
assert len(flag) <= 64
m = Integer(int(flag.encode('hex'),16))
out = open("data.txt","w")

for i in range(e):
    while True:    
        p = random_prime(2^floor(nbits/2)-1, lbound=2^floor(nbits/2-1), proof=False)
        q = random_prime(2^floor(nbits/2)-1, lbound=2^floor(nbits/2-1), proof=False)
        ni = p*q
        phi = (p-1)*(q-1)
        if gcd(phi, e) == 1:

    while True:
        ai = randint(1,ni-1)
        if gcd(ai, ni) == 1:

    bi = randint(1,ni-1)
    mi = ai*m + bi
    ci = pow(mi, e, ni)

The attack ("Hastad's Broadcast Attack on linear padding") is described here.

Sage makes this attack trivial to implement. It only required 22 lines of code:

import binascii

data = open('data.txt', 'r')
y =

y = [Integer(a) for a in y]
z = [(y[4*i + 0], y[4*i + 1], y[4*i + 2], y[4*i + 3]) for i in range(5)]

ns = [a[3] for a in z]
cs = [a[2] for a in z]
bs = [a[1] for a in z]
ass = [a[0] for a in z]

ts = [crt([int(i == j) for j in range(5)], ns) for i in range(5)]

P.<x> = PolynomialRing(Zmod(prod(ns)))
gs = [(ts[i] * ((ass[i] * x + bs[i])**5 - cs[i])) for i in range(5)]
g = sum(gs)
g = g.monic()
roots = g.small_roots()

print binascii.unhexlify(hex(int(roots[0]))[2:-1])

After running for about 5 seconds, our program gives us the flag:

[multicast]> /Applications/SageMath/sage exploit.sage