A core library for EmergencyLanding and other projects. Written in Java.
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A common core for most of TechShroom's programs.

Please note that Java 8 is incompatible with the Arrays package, and you will need to use the jre8 branch/distribution in order to use it in Java 8.

Get distributed pre-compiled jars over at TechShroom

Parts of KCore (distributed):

  • Arduino
    • Interfacing with RXTX library
    • Depends: None
  • Arrays
    • Different common array functions
    • Depends: Classes, Core, Reflect
  • Classes
    • Some common class functions
    • Depends: None
  • Core
    • Different 'core' functions, some will be refactored out to other parts
    • Depends: None
  • Gui
    • Some nifty Swing based GUI interfacing
    • Console
    • Multi-action listener
    • Special PrintStreams
    • Depends: None
  • Jar
    • Jar file enhancements
    • Depends: None
  • Jython
    • Jython backend interface
    • Depends: None
  • Math
    • Unlimited numbers and expression parsing
    • Depends: Arrays, Core, Gui, Strings
  • Netty
    • Networking
    • Depends: Core, Timing
  • Reflect
    • Reflection ease of use
    • Depends: Classes
  • Strings
    • Different string functions
    • Depends: None
  • Timing
    • Low resolution timer
    • Depends: None
  • Translate
    • Translations! Choose different languages, add languages.
    • Depends: None
  • XML
    • Easy XML parsing
    • Depends: None