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As requested at the hackathon, small scripts I have lying around parltrack

Standing on giants shoulders.

update from parltrack

curl | xz -cd > ep_meps_current.json


Extract some info from ep_current_meps.json dump and creates a csv from it

See a problem or want more columns? Pull Requests welcome and all that jazz.

Love data, put them in good hands and go out campaining

simpler json

if you simply want to deal with active meps and remove all the change log jq "map(select(.active) | del(.changes))" ep_meps_current.json > ep_mep_active.json


csvtool col 1,2,3,4,6-9 ep_meps_current.csv

Some stuff to analyse from the command line

check for duplicates

csvtool col 4,3,1,2,8 ep_meps_current.csv | sort | uniq -c -d

count from a country csvtool col 4,3,1,2,8 ep_meps_current.csv | sort | ag "Germany," | wc count from a country and a group csvtool col 4,3,1,2,8 ep_meps_current.csv | sort | ag "Germany," | ag ",S&D" | wc

remove the wc to get the list (sorted by last name, like on the europarl website)