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Prateek Sharma
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Flight Tickets UI Mock from Dribble

Started this project as a design mock up for Flight Tickets Deal Tracker App | Day 340/365 - Project365 - As we progressed through with both the screens, viewers asked for Firebase integration, Bloc patterns. As as result, series is ended with 5 parts

This project uses Dart 2

Video Series

Part 1- Demonstration of ClipPath, Custom Choice Chip and Popup Menu Button

Part 2- Worked on gradients and bottom part of the home screen, Added Bottom App Bar

Part 3- Created Flight Listing screen and navigated back and forth between two screens

Part 4- Used Inherited Widget to remove redundant passing of parameters, Added firestore integration to back the app with dynamic content.

Part 5- Using Bloc pattern through out the app for state management.


Home Screen(default)Home Screen(Location Popup)Flight Listing Screen

This project is now complete on 2nd January 2019.

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