A command line tool to check if a single (or multiple) email addresses have been compromised.
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This python script will check if a single email address, or a text file listing several email addresses, has been compromised in a data breach (pwned). This script uses the haveibeenpwned API to compare the email address(es), provided by the user, to the haveibeenpwned database to check if they have been pwned or not.

To check a single email address:

python checkpwnedemails.py -s email_address

To check multiple email address:

python checkpwnedemails.py -i text_file_listing_email_addresses

By default, the results will be printed to standard output. However, if the -o option is provided, the output data will be printed to a tab delimited textfile for later use.

For more options:

python checkpwnedemails.py -h