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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<todo version="0.1.20">
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1316597225" done="1316681063">
Rename deploy:folders to deploy:setup:folders
Can't be done, setup is a task
<note priority="high" time="1316510985" done="1316681073">
Add skip_table_on_sync configuration, if defined, we should not replace these tables on the target's database.
Done in f2f0d1e4b53a6597c848de61df99470bd9a5f0b6
<note priority="medium" time="1316510717">
Add a postgresql receipt (The postgresql receipt should have the same tasks defined in mysql)
<note priority="medium" time="1316510864">
Abstract mysql_* and postgresql_* so either can be used by calling 'cap db:*'
<note priority="medium" time="1316510880">
Add tests using Vagrant (branch vagrant)
<note priority="medium" time="1316594507">
In the nginx template file, we need to define the error pages dynamically and not in a hardcoded way.
<note priority="medium" time="1316681020">
Unicorn and God should have the roles dynamic, for instance it's common sence that it should be ran on the :web role, however my server requires it on the :app and not the :web.
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