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  1. glambda Public archive

    A module for mocking and testing AWS API Gateway in conjunction with Lambda functions.

    JavaScript 21

  2. flow-interfaces Public archive

    Forked from marudor/flowInterfaces

    Flowtype interface definitions for common 3rd-party modules

    JavaScript 19 6

  3. Jexl Public archive

    Forked from TomFrost/Jexl

    Javascript Expression Language: Powerful context-based expression parser and evaluator

    JavaScript 15 4

  4. Forked from codekitchen/fsevents_to_vm

    forward OS X file system events to a VM, designed for use with Dinghy

    Ruby 6

  5. Type strategy for validating email addresses with Mailgun

    JavaScript 6

  6. fixd Public

    JavaScript library for creating reference-free, immutable/frozen objects

    JavaScript 6


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