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Jobs shared by the TechMasters community.
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#TechMasters Job Board

Find the best jobs worldwide from our community.

Job Seekers

Listed jobs are in Github issues


Please note: we strongly believe that great companies always start with a friendly and detailed job post. We wish to provide our community with the best opportunities and match with great companies, in order to uphold this belief, we're asking that you, the recruiter, to comply with our strict rules below. If the job post does not meet our requirements, it would get deleted without notice.

Post Format

Every post title MUST follow the format below:

[Company Name] - [Job Title] - [Location]

for eg:

Facebook - Chief Software Architect - Remote/Toronto

No special formattings like square brackets, for eg [Chief] Software Architect or salary, for eg Chief Software Architect - HOT $4k salary.

The content MUST be in Markdown format.

If you're not familiar with Markdown, please take this quick guide before you continue.

We prepared a template for you to use upon opening a new post, you can always include more details if you like, pictures for example are always great additions!

How to submit a new job post?

Simply submit a ticket GitHub issue

How long would a job post live?

3 months. Lapsed job post would be closed automatically. Feel free to re-open the post, or close when you've hired the right candidate.

Label definitions

Time commitment

Determines the amount of time candidates are expected to contribute over the course of their employment. If more than one label is selected, the candidate may likely choose which option works best for them.

Label Definition
Full-Time Candidates are expected to work standard weekly hours with a long-term commitment. This implies a full-time salary would be paid, with taxes deducted upfront.
Part-Time Candidates would work fewer than their region's standard weekly hours.
Contract Candidates may have negotiable hours over a typically short-term commitment. This implies a salary period would be negotiated between the client and contractor, with the contractor responsible for their own taxes.
Internship Candidate is expected to make a short-term commitment to the organization while gaining paid work experience.


Determines eligibility to work remotely.

Label Definition
Remote Worldwide Candidate may work remotely throughout their employment almost anywhere in the world. This may also be regarded as exclusively remote.
Remote Regional Candidate may work remotely throughout their employment, but may be restricted to a certain area or time zone due to team structure, financial, or legal reasons.
Remote OK Candidate may likely work remotely, but is preferred to be on site for the majority of their employment. Flexibility may vary.
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