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# coding: utf-8
# In[1]:
# iterates over a text file with one keyword per line
# for each keyword, call the API server and capture the JSON response
def readKeyWordFile():
for keyWord in open('keywords.txt', newline='\n'):
apiURL = '"%s"&APIKey=DONORSCHOOSE&showSynopsis=true&max=50' % (keyWord.rstrip())
# Pass entire json blob from server to method to give us back an average value
result = getAverageRequestByKeyWord(apiURL)
print(keyWord.strip() + ": $" + str(result))
# In[2]:
import requests, json
def getAverageRequestByKeyWord(url):
req = requests.get(url)
runningTotal = 0
numProps = 0
avg = 0
# check status code for 200 (all ok)
# get the text of the request with req.text
# send this into json.loads to create a native object setup
apiDict = json.loads(req.text)
# Uncomment this to see the actual dictionary we made from the JSON
# print(apiDict)
# navigate the dictionary with standard dict synytax
proposalList = apiDict['proposals']
# process the data in the dictionary using a for loop
for p in proposalList:
runningTotal = runningTotal + float(p['totalPrice'])
avg = runningTotal / len(proposalList)
return avg
# In[3]:
# In[4]:
import pandas
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