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Dare it for Technorio Internship

Technorio Inc.

Please read the instructions carefully:

Taking this challenge requires basic knowledge in respective fields to what you are applying. Make sure you know the basics before you apply.

How to apply?

  1. To apply as an intern at Technorio by taking Internship Challenge , you need to work on the task from any one of the following position and submit the project to us. Please choose the challenge according to the position you are applying for.

  2. Upload the task

    1. Submission of project can be done in two different methods, viz Bitbucket and Google Drive.

    2. We strongly recommend you to use Git to submit project. Projects received via Bitbucket will have high priority during evaluation. The later option has been introduced to those who are having difficulties in learning Git on their own, despite following the tutorials.

      • For Git (If you are already familiar with Git, you can directly proceed to step c):

        1. If you are new to Git, you may want to take a Git class in git class in codeschool.
        2. If you are having difficulties in setting up Git in your computer, you may take the reference here
        3. After you accomplish the challenge, push your code to the private repository you created in BitBucket (Make sure you have multiple commits with proper messages and comments).
        4. Invite TechnorioIntern to that particular private repository you created.
      • For Google Drive:

        1. Upload your Projects in Google Drive
        2. Provide access to the uploaded file by sending access rights to
  3. Fill the application form at

  4. Submit the application

  5. Wait for us to respond. We’ll respond to each and every one. Please be assured about that.


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