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The curriculum of Techtonica, a free tech training and job placement program for women and non-binary adults with low incomes.
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Welcome to the Techtonica curriculum!

Techtonica is a non-profit project of SocialGood that does free tech training and job placement for unemployed or underemployed folks. For more information, please see our website:

Apprentices will learn to do full-stack web development using JavaScript. What bootcamps and apprenticeships like Techtonica have in common is the fact that they are intensive training. However, bootcamps can be pretty passive classroom learning with students and they cost between $15,000 and $30,000.

An apprenticeship aims to be more like the workplace to make the transition into the industry better—instead of having an instructor constantly guiding you, a facilitator gives you assignments and you're expected to figure out what to do with volunteers, mentors, tech groups, and other apprentices. In the best-case scenarios, there are regular check-ins with managers and mentors provide support. We’re making Techtonica’s program as hands-on and project-based as possible to best prepare you for work in tech.

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If you would like to contribute to the curriculum, please sign up here, then choose an issue in the to-do list.

Get started:

  • Choose an issue from the TO-DO column that seems right for you & message Techtonica staff. If you know someone connected to Techtonica, they may be able to add you to our slack channel. If you are here for GSSoC19, message Alina L. (M) and say you'd like to pick up the issue.
  • In the issue, you should find a link for a lesson outline and for corresponding slides.
  • If it is in the "TO-DO" column, that means it is available, even if there's an "assignee".
  • To create an outline, fork the repo or commit directly onto the master branch. Here is a topic outline template that explains what we need for each section.
  • To edit a slideshow, you'll need to request edit permission by clicking View Only > Request Edit Access, or message Alina. If you are logged into an account ending in, you can simply make a copy, edit, and transfer ownership to when you finish. Either way, save on top of the sample template used in the slide, and cut any slides you find unnecessary.
  • To make a video, one effective solution has been to record your screen as you explain the lesson slides to the apprentices. An alternative can be a video found online that covers all the objectives of the lesson in a way suited to beginners.
  • Here is an example of a great lesson trio: MongoDB Slides, MongoDB Lesson Outline, MongoDB Video.

While working:

  • Comment in the issue if you have a question, or send a slack message.
  • People are welcome to team up on an issue. If you see someone is already assigned but you want to help, leave the other assignee a message on the issue about collaborating.
  • Please note the due date! Any amount of help is appreciated, but if the deadline approaches and you won't be able to complete it, please leave a comment about your progress and unassign yourself from the issue so someone else can pick it up. If you forked the repo, go ahead and make a pull request with what you have, and transfer ownership of a copied slideshow to

Completed curriculum:

  • Place a "completed" label on the issue once you've completed it, make a pull request to Techtonica/curriculum master, and leave comments about your work if you like. Grazie Mille!!

Table of Contents


  1. Welcome, Tips, and Rules
  2. Expectations While at Techtonica
  3. How to Learn
  4. Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
  5. Diversity, Inclusion & Implicit Bias
  6. Professionalism
  7. Ergonomics
  8. Roles in Tech
  9. Tech Tips and Rules
  10. Growth Mindset

Programmer Tools

  1. Intro to Command Line Interface Tools
  2. Advanced Command Line
  3. Bash Profile
  4. Vim
  5. Operating Systems
  6. Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Asking Good Questions
  8. Local Development with VS Code
  9. Networking
  10. Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
  11. How the Internet Works: Requests and Responses
  12. Intro to DNS
  13. Project 0 - Week 1 Assessment
  14. How to Pair Program

Client-side Development && Confident Programming

  1. HTML
  2. Git Version Control
  3. Recipe Page Project: HTML
  4. .gitignore
  5. Using GitHub for Code Storage
  6. CSS
  7. Chrome Developer Tools: Setup
  8. Recipe Page Project: CSS
  9. Media Queries
  10. UI/UX
  11. Web patterns
  12. Bootstrap
  13. Building Confidence
  14. Recipe Page Project: Bootstrap
  15. Giving Presentations
  16. Git Part 2: Study Guide
  17. Portfolio Project: HTML, CSS & Bootstrap
  18. Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias
  19. a11y: Accessibility
  20. SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  21. Portfolio Project: Incorporating SEO & a11y
  22. Using GitHub for Project Collaboration
  23. Portfolio Project: Personal Branding
  24. Reading/Writing Documentation
  25. Writing Readable Code
  26. Deploy your Portfolio Project: Deploying Client-Side Apps with Netlify
  27. Portfolio Project: Collaboration and Review
  28. JavaScript 1
  29. JavaScript 2
  30. Whiteboarding
  31. Datetime
  32. Whiteboarding Interview Challenges
  33. JavaScript 3
  34. JavaScript 4
  35. JavaScript 5
  36. JavaScript 6 - Object Literals
  37. Runtime Complexity
  38. Basic JavaScript Practice
  39. Week 4 Assessment: Loops, Conditionals, Runtime Complexity
  40. Javascript 7 - Object-Oriented Programming
  41. Restaurant Recommender System with Javascript
  42. Restaurant Recommender System with Javascript - Part 2
  43. Testing & TDD
  44. Adding Jasmine Chai/Mocha Tests to your project
  45. Javascript 8 - Regular Expressions / RegEx
  46. Debugging
  47. Javascript 9 - Callbacks and Promises
  48. APIs & JSON
  49. AJAX
  50. Twilio Quest Exercise Outline
  51. Data Visualization
  52. Assessment 7.9: Data Visualization

Server-side Development && Agile Programming

  1. NodeJS
  2. ExpressJS
  3. Data Models
  4. .env & config
  5. Data Models
  6. SQL
  7. Relational Databases
  8. Adding Tests to your NodeJS project
  9. Week 7, Assessment #8 - Build a Minimal API Project
  10. Database Migrations
  11. Intro to Scrum
  12. Eventonica Project
  13. MongoDB
  14. React Part 1
  15. React Part 2
  16. Enzyme Testing
  17. Intro to Security in Web Development
  18. Auth0
  19. Assessment #9.0: Add a field to your Eventonica User
  20. Assessment #9.5: Auth0
  21. Deploying to Heroku with React and Node
  22. Recursion
  23. Memoization
  24. Optimization
  25. Refactoring
  26. Optimizing your React/NodeJS Project
  27. Agile Project Management
  28. Functional Programming
  29. Assessment #10: Advanced Methods

Data Structures & Algorithms

  1. Intro to Data Structures
  2. Sprint Plan for Data Structures & Algorithms Week
  3. Data Structures: Stacks
  4. Data Structures: Queues
  5. Data Structures: Deque
  6. Data Structures: Linked Lists
  7. Data Structures: Hash Tables
  8. Data Structures: Trees
  9. Intro to Algorithms
  10. Algorithms: Searching
  11. Algorithms: Sorting

Career Development && Final Project

  1. Technical Interviewing
  2. Assessment 11: Data Structures and Algorithms
  3. Navigating New Codebases
  4. Open-source Projects
  5. Interviewing
  6. Resume Writing
  7. Front End Take-home Challenge
  8. Backend take home exercise
  9. Technical Writing
  10. Career Week: Machine Learning Engineer
  11. Career Week: Entrepreneurship
  12. Career Week: Data Science
  13. Career Week: Security
  14. Career Week: QA Engineer
  15. Career Week: Developer Advocate
  16. Career Week: Sales Engineering
  17. Career Week: Technical Program Manager
  18. Final Project: Selecting Your Final Project
  19. Final Project: 5 weeks
  20. Mobile Development
  21. Resources: Women in Tech
  22. Difficult Workplace Situations
  23. Financial Literacy
  24. Negotiating
  25. Ethics in Software Engineering

Optional Resources:

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