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A scala client library for etcd.

It uses dispatch to provide asynchronous none blocking HTTP communication with the etcd v2 API.

In order to create an instance of this client, just type:

  val client = EtcdClient.remote("host_ip", [host_port])

port parameter is optional being used 4001 by default. In scenarios where you have a local etcd service, i.e. in a CoreOS cluster, you could just type:

  val client = EtcdClient.local


In order to use this library, just add the Tecsisa bintray repository to the resolvers list:

  resolvers in ThisBuild += Resolver.url("bintray-tecsisa-repo",

And then, just import the dependency:

  libraryDependencies += "com.tecsisa" %% "scala-etcd" % "0.0.1"

Examples of use

Please see the smoke testing for examples of use.

Next Steps

  • Currently, test suite needs a local instance of etcd running. We need to get rid of this limitation.
  • Etcd advanced scenarios as locking or comparing.