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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home (Zigbee)

This app requires Homey SW release 1.5.13 or higher

This app adds support for the Zigbee Smart Home devices made by Xiaomi Smart Home Devices.


Xiaomi-mi / Aqara Zigbee app Athom apps
Xiaomi-mi / Aqara Zigbee app Github repository

Supported devices (supported capabilities)

Xiaomi devices

  • Door/Window sensor (MCCGQ01LM) (contact alarm)
  • Occupancy Sensor (RTCGQ01LM)(motion alarm)
  • Wireless switch (WXKG01LM) (1x - 4x click, Key Held, Key released)
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor (WSDCGQ01LM) (temperature, relative humidity, battery level)
  • Smart socket plug ZigBee edition (ZNCZ02LM)] (onoff, measure_power, meter_power, measure_voltage)

Aqara devices

Devices Work in Progress (awaiting additional clusters in Homey's Zigbee implementation)

  • MiJia Honeywell Smoke Detector White
  • MiJia Honeywell Gas Leak Detector
  • MiJia Aqara Water sensor

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch


This app and driver development has been supported by:

  • Sprut666666
  • Kasteleman
  • BasKiers
  • RobinBolscher


Any requests please post them in the Xiaomi / Aqara Zigbee topic on the Athom Community forum or contact me on Slack
Please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic.

Change Log:

v 0.5.5

  • Fix issue that prevented to include some devices ending in status.invalid_setting_type

v 0.5.4

  • Add German language support, thanks to the contribution of Sebastian Spoerer
  • Update Homey meshdriver to v1.2.32

v 0.5.3

v 0.5.2

  • Fix issue where motion alarm would be cancelled before the finalizing the motion alarm reset duration

v 0.5.1

  • Fix issues where incorrect data is reported by the Xiaom and Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensors #125

v 0.5.0

  • Enabled Xiaomi lifeline reporting (device dependent interval), adding the following functions:
    • Battery reporting (measurement + alarm) enabled for multiple devices (see device - capability overview)
    • Additional state / capability reporting (e.g. curtain position for Aqara Curtain controller or onoff state for the Aqara wall switch)
    • Updated App dependency updated to Homey SW >= 1.5.13
  • Updated app to fully utilize Homey SW v2.0.0 options:
    • Fix issue where custom icons are not shown
    • Add brandColor definition to match Xiaomi brand
  • Added measure_power, meter_power and measure_voltage capabilities to the Aqara Wall Switch Single (LN) and Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN). Note: Re-inclusion is required to add these capabilities
  • Added fixed polling interval (10 minutes) for meter_power and measure_voltage capabilities for Aqara Smart socket plug, Aqara Smart Socket, Aqara Wall Switch Single (LN) and Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN)
  • Cleaned up device driver logging (moved some logging to the debug-logging mode)
  • Updated readme device overview to show added capabilities and link towards the device info at the official Aqara site
  • Update Homey meshdriver to v1.2.30

v 0.4.3

  • Add support for the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (2018) (WXKG11LM, productID sensor_switch.aq2), issue #89
  • Add support for the Aqara Wireless Switch Single (2018) (WXKG03LM, productID remote.b186acn01), issue #88
  • Add support for the Aqara Wireless Switch Double (2018) (WXKG02LM, productID remote.b286acn01), issue #88
    Note: These devices are released by Xiaomi / Aqara with the same product code, but different firmware & capabilities. It is not possible based on the device label to determine which version you have, only based on the Zigbee productID once added to Homey
  • Fix issue where alarm triggers for Aqara vibration sensor were triggered twice, issue #97
  • Add settings option to determine amount of decimals reported for temperature & humidity, feature request #98

v 0.4.2

  • Add support for the Aqara Vibration Sensor (DJT11LM), with capabilities tilt-, vibration-, drop-motion, tilt angles (to reference plane), tilt angles (to previous position), vibration strength, tilt-, vibration-, drop-alarm
  • Removing the old, no longer working, (marked DEPRECATED) cards as announced in as of release v 0.3.0
  • Optimizing the attribute report settings
  • Update ZigBee meshdriver to 1.2.27

v 0.4.1

  • Fix issue where the Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch (LN) Single (product type no: QBKG11LM) can not be controlled

v 0.4.0

  • Add support for the 'Aqara Curtain controller' (product type no: ZNCLDJ11LM)
  • Fix issue where Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch (L) right button is not activated by FlowCard, issue #64.
    Existing flows for this device will need to be rebuild
  • Fix issue / add support for Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch (LN), issue #60.
    Re-inclusion of devices with Zigbee Product ID lumi.ctrl_ln1.aq1 and lumi.ctrl_ln2.aq1 is needed

Note: The old (marked DEPRECATED) flow cards of the wireless switches will be removed in a next release; please rebuild your flows based on the new cards

v 0.3.0

  • Add support for Aqara Wireless switch with Gyro (product type no: WXKG12LM)
    Note: Switches with this type no. that were included before will need to be re-included in order to work properly
  • Replaced old scene trigger cards with autocomplete cards to fix reported issues
    Note: The old (marked DEPRECATED) cards will be removed in a next release; please rebuild your flows based on the new cards
  • Update ZigBee meshdriver to 1.2.12

v 0.2.5

  • Add temperature offset correction setting for the Xiaomi temperature & humidity sensor and the Aqara temperature & humidity sensor
  • Fix typo in Xiaomi Cube flow trigger card

v 0.2.4

  • Fix issue where Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single init results in app crash, issue #46

v 0.2.3

  • Updated app dependency to latest Stable Homey Software release (>= 1.5.7)
  • Update ZigBee meshdriver to 1.2.7
  • Add support for the Xiaomi Cube rotation angle (and relative angle) capability, fix issue #29
  • Add additional ID's for Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch Single / Double, fix issue #20)
  • Add additional ID's for Aqara Wireless Switch, fix issue #38)
  • Fix issue where unsupported options are presented in the trigger card of the Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single, related to #37

v 0.2.2

  • Update relative link in to direct link (Homey apps compatible)
  • Update app manifest for supported Devices

v 0.2.1

  • Add support for Xiaomi Cube (Slide, Shake, Double Tap, Rotate (action, not angle yet), Flip 90°, Flip 180°).
    note: Cubes included based on previous development builds need to be re-included

v 0.2.0

  • Add support for Smart socket plug ZigBee edition (onoff, measure_power)
  • Add support for Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch Single / Double (onoff)
  • Add support for Aqara Smart Socket ZigBee Version (onoff, measure_power)
  • Add explicitly in app title dependency on Homey SW release (>= 1.5.4)
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