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SEU-ML-Assign LaTeX Template

LaTeX Template for Southeast University Machine Learning Assignment

CTANGitHubDocumentationSampleIssuesTVJ TeXOverleaf

Class and Options

This project provides the seu-ml-assign class.

Option Explanation Default
solution Write solutions (for students).
problem Write problem sets (for instructors).
oneside One-sided document.
twoside Two-sided document.
9pt Set font size as 9 points.
10pt Set font size as 10 points.
11pt Set font size as 11 points.
12pt Set font size as 12 points.

Commands and Usage

Please refer to the documentation.

The main higher level commands provided in this template are \problem[<points>]{title} and \subproblem{title}.


This project has been contained in CTAN, and so is in TeX Live and MikTeX.

Install on TeX Live

tlmgr install seu-ml-assign

Install via GitHub Project

git clone

Install from CTAN

Go to to download the package.


Please go to issues to report them if any.


  • Class Definition
  • Example tex File
  • Class Documentation
  • Class Website
  • Submission to CTAN
  • Demonstration Video
  • More Flexible Usage


This project is licensed under the MIT License.