A demonstration of UICollectionView and UIKit Dynamics
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A demonstration of UICollectionView and UIKit Dynamics. Uses tiling in order to maintain high-performance even with ten thousand cells.




To use this in your project, just add the TLSpringFlowLayout classes. Then create a UICollectionView (either with code or in a Storyboard). Set the UICollectionView's Flow Layout object to TLSpringFlowLayout.

Extra Goodies

If you setup your collection with code, you can set the scrollResistanceFactor property. This property increases the bounciness of the collection items as they scroll.

You can also retrieve the dynamicAnimator property (read-only) if necessary.


MIT License. Copyright (c) 2013 Teehan+Lax. See the LICENSE file for more information.

Created by Teehan+Lax. Updated by Sam Spencer on February 8, 2014.