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Gapminder Crawler

This Scala project implements a simple Selenium-based crawler for Gapminder's geopolitical and demographic data sets (which have been included here for the reader's convenience).

Object com.alexorbit.ibdataviz.crawler.Crawler is a command-line Scala application that drives Firefox to Gapminder's download page and retrieves all data files from Google Drive in CSV format.

These files contain a variety of demographic statistics for all countries during the last two centuries on aspects such as population, health, income, etc. This data is collected to populate a relational database with purposes of data visualization and analysis.

I use the Saiku OLAP server to enable analytics on cubes created from Gapminder data.

This is part of my 2014 IB Personal Project for Suncoast High School.


  • 1.0: As many cubes as GapMinder files: the only dimensions are Geography (country) and Time (year)
  • 1.1: Coalesce GapMinder files to provide additional dimensions (e.g. age range)