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A 87-key keyboard layout with APL symbols, uses the PragmataPro font for the key caps
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APL-PragmataPro-87-keys-path.svg Notes on the keyboard layout and its key caps Aug 11, 2019

87-key APL keyboard (with PragmataPro key caps)

This SVG file defines a 87-key layout which I have used to order a custom-built mechanical keyboard from WASD Keyboards.

  • Derived from the official WASD keyboard layout template.

  • 87 keys:

    • Regular QWERTY layout. Key caps use Fabrizio Schiavi's fabulous mono-spaced font PragmataPro. If you like to obtain that font for general use, it is available from

    • APL symbols. Follows the layout of Dyalog's US keyboard. Updated to reflect recent additions to Dyalog APL, e.g., the iota underbar symbol (functions where/interval index) on the I key. The APL symbols use the wide-spread APL 385 font (TTF).

  • The SVG file has been edited with Inkscape (on macOS). The required PragmataPro and APL 385 characters have been traced and their traces are included in the SVG file. (Note: I cannot provide the licensed PragmataPro font itself.)

  • See Dyalog's instructions on how to map the keys of this layout for use on your operating system. Straightforward, really.


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