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How to Install

Unity Package Manager (remote)

  • Not yet supported by Unity.

Unity Package Manager (local)

  1. Download the repository onto your machine
  2. Navigate to your project's Package folder
  3. Open the manifest.json file
  4. Add the line "com.wakabagames.homu-core": "file:<YOUR FILE PATH HERE>"
  5. Change the file path so it points to the root of Homu-Core's folder
  6. The file path is relative and you can use .. to go up a folder
  7. E.g. "com.wakabagames.homu-core": "file:../../Homu-Core"


  1. Copy the Homu-Core folder
  2. Paste it anywhere into your project's Assets folder

How to Use

  1. If you are using Assembly Definition files
    a. Include the Homu-Core.asmdef file in your dependencies
  2. Include the namespace WakabaGames.Core in your code to use its functions and classes
    b. E.g.
using UnityEngine;
using WakabaGames.Core;

class Test
    Vector3 position;

        position = position.With(y: 10f);