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A tool to automatically import assets from blender to jME
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A tool to automatically import assets from blender to jME, including copying modified textures.

Asset import description file

global {
    blendpath: [ "/path/to/blend/files" "/another/path"]
    assetpath: "/workspace/jme project/assets"
    out-path: /Models
    out-texture-path: /Textures
    copy-texture: true
flowers {
    in-blend: blendfile.blend 
    out-j3o: [ 
               ["Blue Flower" "flower1.j3o" ] 
               ["Pink Flower" "flower2.j3o"] 
               ["Yellow Flower" "flower3.j3o"] 
trees {
    in-blend: blendfile2.blend 
    out-j3o: [ 
               ["Willow" "tree1.j3o" ]
               ["Oak" "tree2.j3o"]
    filter: myfilter.ExampleImportFilter

The first global block, specifies default properties. The other block can overwrite these if needed. Objects are imported from blender files bases on the Object name in blender.

Running the tool

Run the main class AssetImporter with arguments.

The first argument is a path to asset import file. Optionally, more arguments specify which blocks of the file to import. Not specifying any will import all by default.


jME core libraries, jme3-blender.jar

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