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@TehLeo TehLeo released this Jun 9, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release


  • junion1.2.2.jar is the runtime library
  • junionc1.2.2.jar + libs are used for compiling only


  • can allocate struct arrays on heap, off-heap, stack, the syntax uses annotation, eg:
Vec3[] arr = new Vec3[10]; //default currently allocates on heap
Vec3[] arr = new @Heap Vec3[10];
Vec3[] arr2 = new @Direct Vec3[10];
Vec3[] arr4 = new @DirectBuffer Vec3[10];
Vec3[] arr5 = new @Stack Vec3[10];
Vec3[] arr7 = new @Heap(ArrayType.Byte) Vec3[10]; //underlying data is Java byte[] array
  • the underlying storage can be retrieved as Java array/Buffer with Mem.getJavaArray(arr) and Mem.getJavaBuffer(arr)
  • added StructType class, which can be used to find information about a struct
  • added StructList, which serves as a resizable struct array, it stores its elements as data not as references (not yet finished)
  • Array allocation is done through ArrayAllocator interface and can be customized by the user if needed
  • Bridge interface serves as the link between the application and ram. The default bridge interface DefaultBridge uses Unsafe to read and write memory.
  • added MemInit class which stores related settings, such as setting the bridge interface, allocator interface to use, etc.


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