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Chisel compatibility for Ztones
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Chisel compatibility for ZTones blocks.


Downloads can either be found on my Jenkins or CurseForge.


This mod requires both Chisel2 and Ztones.

##Variation Modes

Currently, there are 2 modes to choose from when adding variations:

###Mode 0 Allow chiseling of the Ztones Tile into each of the different types Ztones adds at a meta of 0. Then you cycle through from there. This makes the crafting recipes useless.

Mode 0

###Mode 1 Allow chiseling between all the blocks within their type. This requires the user to still craft the type, but makes the cycling useless.

Mode 1

##Dev setup

  1. Clone/Fork/Whatever you need to do to get it on your local machine.
  2. Run gradlew [setupDevWorkspace|setupDecompWorkspace] [eclipse|idea] This will automatically setup your workspace for you. It also downloads the correct version of Chisel 2.
  3. Drop a Deobfuscated version of Ztones in ../libs/ and add it as a library.
  4. Do things.
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