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Creates a customizable notification GUI on first launch.
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#LaunchGui Build Status

Creates a menu with a single button and up to 10 lines of text right before the main menu. It will disable itself once the button is pressed.

##How to use: (Also found in the GUI if you haven't changed anything and launch)

  1. Download the latest release from here.
  2. Do an initial launch to generate your config.
  3. Open the config up in your favorite text editor. Change all the lines you want. Leave the line blank if you don't plan to use them, or want a line break.
  4. Distribute to players of your pack.

I do not require any credit for this. It is fully open and useable by anybody.


  • Oh no! I found a bug/leak with it! D:

    Please feel free to make a PR with a fix or open an issue on GitHub.

  • Can you include X feature?

    No. It won't be anything more than a GUI that opens on launch. I may change how I do the text, but otherwise no.

  • Why should I use this?

    Sometimes you need to let your players know something on first launch.

  • Can you port to Minecraft 1.X.X?

    Sure, why not. Just ask me.

  • Why did you make this?

    Somebody came to the TPPI IRC channel and asked how we did it as they needed it for another pack. Since it was done with TPPITweaks, I offered to create a mod for them that did it.

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