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Extra chisels to chisel things with.
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#More Chisels Build Status

MoreChisels Icon

Assorted chisels for Chisel-2.

Builds 21 and on have switched to the ChiselTeam fork of Chisel which can be found here.


Downloads for MoreChisels (as well as all of my other mods) can be found on my Jenkins or CurseForge.

##Chisels done:

  • Gems: Whitelisting in config to add chisels OreDict gems
  • Fluxed Chisel: Runs on Redstone Flux.
  • Bound Chisel: Runs on your Blood Magic LP network.
  • Ironwood/Steeleaf: Twilight Forest compat
  • Bedrockium: Extra Utilities compat
  • Skyroot/Holystone/Zanite/Gravitite: Aether II compat

##Chisels to come:

Want to suggest some chisel types?

Join my channel (#TehNut) on Espernet and discuss there.

##Dev setup

  1. Clone/Fork/Whatever you need to do to get it on your local machine.
  2. Run gradlew [setupDevWorkspace|setupDecompWorkspace] [eclipse|idea] This will automatically setup your workspace for you. This also downloads the correct version of Chisel 2 for you.
  3. Do things.
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