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Functional couch-to-5k direction-giving app.

Pick the current day in the schedule, then do what the computer says.

When you finish a jog, or hit the "done" button, it will remember that in localstorage.

Use the current version at

To develop locally

git clone
cd c25k
npm install
npm run build

Features that aren't implemented but you can open pull requests that I will merge

I set my phone on the treadmill in front of me, so I operate entirely off of visual cues. To go running outside, you'll probably want audio cues when steps change.

Other things that someone might want eventually:

  • better feedback as to how many days ago you completed the last run
  • maybe some kind of calendar to show your progress over time and whether or not you're getting the week's worth of runs done in a week


  • fancier congratulation screen (fireworks?)
  • colors picked by someone with a better feel for these kinds of things


  • try to get nosleep code working on iOS
  • scroll the selection screen down to the next day on first load
  • if there is a run in progress when the selection screen is loaded, redirect to the run after the last one that was finished


If I ever make it to 5K (or someone else beats me to it), there will be a 5K-to-10K version!