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Defer JS work until the browser has a chance to breathe
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Fetch resources lazily - either whenever the browser is next idle, or when you request the resource.

In a browser that doesn't support requestIdleCallback, or in node.js where the API is not available, falls back to setTimeout(fn, 1000).

Inspired directly by this 💯 post by Philip Walton, but uses a function-based API instead of classes. It's also about a third the size of idlize/defineIdleProperty.mjs (after minification) by avoiding classes and using the dumbest possible requestIdleTimeout fallback.


npm i idle-until-urgent
const makeIdleGetter = require('idle-until-urgent')


const getFormatter = makeIdleGetter(() => new Intl.DateTimeFormat('en-US', {
	timeZone: 'America/Los_Angeles',

// later in your code, presumably not during the first tick...

getFormatter().format(new Date(1537452915210)) // => '9/20/2018'



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